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Ultimate Guide to Kids Summer Camps in Charlotte, NC

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Ultimate Guide to Kids Summer Camps in Charlotte, NC

As parents, we're always on the hunt for engaging and productive summertime activities for our children – activities that can pique their interest while simultaneously fostering development.

Today, I'm excited to walk you through an all-encompassing guide to various kids summer camps in Charlotte, NC - a fun-filled zone known for its diverse offering of camping experiences.

Be it arts & crafts or music and dance; every camp holds its unique charm and focuses on growing specific skills among young minds. So, get ready as we dive into the world of potential self-discovery, skill enhancement, friendships forged over shared interests, and youthful adventures!

Table of Contents:

Summer Camp Age Groups
Summer Camp Age Groups

What is the best age to go to summer camp?

Determining when your child should venture into the thrilling world of summer camps holds prime significance in strengthening their overall experience. Although there's no one-size-fits-all answer from child development experts (as each kid matures at a different rate), generally speaking, most children are considered ready around age seven.

According to studies conducted by Dr. Michael Thompson Ph.D., a consultant psychiatrist at Belmont Hill School who specializes in children and families "Homesick and Happy: How Time Away from Parents Can Help a Child Grow" around this age bracket children typically start exhibiting autonomy in carrying out basic daily tasks such as dressing themselves or brushing teeth independently.

Moreover, they may also begin demonstrating social readiness – showing interest towards group play instead of parallel play observed during infancy stages—specifically between six and seven years old. This group-centric approach makes them more compatible with team-oriented activities common in summer camps.

Nevertheless, always communicate openly with your child about attending a summer camp before making the big decision! Gauge their comfort levels but remember not to entirely dismiss initial hesitation right away; sometimes fostering resilience requires stepping out of their comfort zones after all.

How much is Summer Camp in Charlotte NC
How much is Summer Camp in Charlotte NC

How Much is Summer Camp in Charlotte, NC?

If you're considering sending your child to a summer camp in Charlotte, NC, one important factor is the cost involved. Prices for various camps typically range widely based on various factors such as the type of camp, duration, and activities provided.

On average, day camps charge around $150 to $300 per week in Charlotte. Camps that specialize in unique or highly skilled pursuits such as music, STEM subjects or horseback riding often charge higher fees, usually upwards to $500 a week.

Overnight camps come at a surcharge given they provide accommodation and full board for children. In this case, prices might hover between $600 to $1200 per week. It's important to note that although it may seem hefty upfront, these costs cover meals, supervision and an array of organized activities around the clock.

Additionally worth mentioning are virtual camps which became popular out of necessity due to recent global events. With no physical facilities involved, these experiences tend not only be cheaper - costing approximately between $100 to $200 per week - but also allow flexibility while offering interactive learning opportunities.

Before arriving at any false conclusions about being priced out of summer camps in Charlotte; many organizations offer scholarships and installment payment plans which serve as great aid---a fact unknown to many parents! So don't feel discouraged by initial sticker shock!

It's advisable when planning for a summer camp budget to take into account some hidden costs: field trips/excursion fees, transportation charges if any, and spending money for your little camper are just a few extra expenses you might need to consider.

In conclusion (do not use), each family has unique financial circumstances hence what may appear expensive for one might not be the same for another. Choosing the best suited among several summer camps in Charlotte NC can be challenging but remember that whilst staying mindful of costs is essential- ultimately enriching and memorable experiences are priceless! That said; with diligent research parents should be able to find affordable quality options fitting their budgets.

Types of Summer Camps in Charlotte NC
Types of Summer Camps in Charlotte NC

Types of Summer Camps in Charlotte

Day Camps

Day camps commonly form the first taste of a summer camp experience for most youngsters. These popular ventures provide an assortment of activities during daylight hours, before kids return home each evening. This daytime schedule promotes a balanced blend of fun and development while maintaining the comfort of home every night.

Many day camps emphasize specific focal points such as arts or sports; however, others serve as more comprehensive experiences with a broad range of activities to enthrall excitable young minds. The likes of 'Charlotte Parent,' 'Anne Springs Close Greenway' and 'Rock University' are among some illustrious Charlotte summer camps offering myriad daily engagement choices.

Overnight Camps

While day camps brim with exciting opportunities for recreation and growth during daylight hours, one can't overlook overnight camps' unique appeal – they invite children to embark on an immersive journey around-the-clock. Such residencies encourage interpersonal relationships besides fostering independence through valuable life lessons far from home.

Overnight summer camps in Charlotte NC extend exciting escapades into nature's abode under the sublime starlit skies, often amplifying bonds forged during those daytime rafting or hiking sessions. A notable example would be 'Whitewater Center', known for their top-tier outdoor pursuits including whitewater rafting and zip-lining coupled with cozy overnight stays!

Virtual/Online Camps

In this digital era, it's intriguing how technology has ushered an inventive innovation—virtual/online camps—to boost kids’ overall development remotely when circumstances make physical attendance unfeasible. They offer a flexible curriculum modeled over conventional day-camp setups that participants access via digital devices right from their homes.

This blossoming breed within the realm of Charlotte summer cams includes entertaining tutorials augmented by interactive elements ranging from performing arts classes provided by ‘Children’s Theatre of Charlotte’ to coding classes by Bricks 4 Kidz’, ensuring no child misses out on worthwhile growth prospects.

Despite being physically isolated, I'd like to emphasize that online programs score high on promoting connectivity wherein virtual classrooms foster regular discussions through chats or video calls—a splendid opportunity for bonding over shared interests while situated thousands of miles apart!

Summer Camps by Age Group
Summer Camps by Age Group

Summer Camps by Age Group

Summer camps have always been age-specific, ensuring that the children's activities are both interesting and suitable for their developmental stage. Let’s delve into the variety of summer camps in Charlotte NC, divided by age group.

Preschool (ages 3-5): Starting off, preschoolers might not be ready for overnight experiences yet. Yet plenty of options exist that fit within a shorter time frame and provide an introduction to the camp spirit. Places like 'Creation Acre' or 'Bricks 4 Kidz' have modified schedules perfect for this age group.

Elementary School (ages 6-10): Day-long camps become viable options as kids get a bit older. These are brilliant for active youngsters needing to burn off energy while learning some vital skills. The best examples here include 'Filmmaking Camp with VisArt Video', 'Arts Delivered in Matthews', and ‘Young Icons’ which understand and cater to the needs of this dynamic age range.

Middle School (ages 11-14): For those entering middle school, consider programs that offer deeper exploration into new interests such as STEM or art-based camps at Anne Springs Close Greenway or Rock University respectively.

High School (ages 15-17): High schoolers benefit immensely from immersive camps that develop independence and self-confidence — qualities needed as they approach adulthood. Many choose to focus on refining their specialized skills such as dance or music offered at venues like St John's Academy of Arts'.

Through all these diverse selections available in Charlotte, it's clear there are summer camp opportunities tailored to each unique age group.

Charlotte Summer Camps
Charlotte Summer Camps

Camps by Subject: Arts & Crafts

As we dive into the enchanting realm of Arts & Crafts, Charlotte harbors an impressive variety of summer camps that skillfully combine creativity, hands-on learning, and fun.

Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Summer Camps

Renowned for its wonderful blend of recreational activities and creative sessions, the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation summer camps cater to children's diverse interests. The art-based projects at these charlotte summer camps ignite creativity and spur innovation among young minds whilst reinforcing their appreciation for nature. Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation, 980-314-1000

Arts Delivered in Matthews

Situated in Matthews, a town within the remit of Charlotte metro area, Arts Delivered presents a unique opportunity for kids aged 6-15 years old. Known for its engaging pottery classes imbued with lessons on history and geography, this art camp provides a balance between nurturing young talents and expanding their horizons.

Young Icons

An extraordinary place where budding stars are molded, Young Icons is more than just you run-of-the-mill summer camp. The programs revolve around artist development and performance coaching making it beloved by many families opting for summer camps in Charlotte. Young Icons

Bricks 4 Kidz

Incorporating the popular LEGO™ blocks into their curriculum - yes, you read that right - allows Bricks 4 Kidz to deliver interactive programs that capture kids' attention while teaching them fundamental skills like math and science through an artistic lens.

UNC Charlotte Writing Project Summer Camp

At UNC Charlotte's Writing Project Summer Camps in Charlotte NC, aspiring writers can polish their craft under guidance from seasoned tutors who employ constructive criticism. Participants not only grasp storytelling techniques but also develop persuasive writing skills paramount in today’s digital age. UNC Charlotte Writing Project Summer Camp

Camps by Subject: Music, Theater, Dance, Sports

Summer camps in Charlotte have a wide variety of programs that cater to the interests of your child. If they are inclined towards creative pursuits like music, theater, and dance, then consider these top summer camps that offer these activities.

Filmmaking Camp with VisArt Video

For blossoming directors and screenwriters, Filmmaking Camp with VisArt Video is their own mini Hollywood. Catering specifically to aspiring filmmakers, this exceptional camp fosters creativity while teaching hands-on videography skills. Young creative minds can indulge in scriptwriting and production tasks at one of the best Charlotte summer camps for film enthusiasts. Filmmaking Camp with VisArt Video

Summer Camps at St. John’s Academy of the Arts

If your kids love painting canvases as much as dancing circles around you, consider the St. John's Academy of the Arts' summer camps in Charlotte NC. They provide a combination of visual arts classes along with dance instruction — an ideal blend for artistic children who love multiple disciplines.

Queen City Sports Camp

Breaking away from strictly performing arts-focused options; there's Queen City Sports Camp. Known as one of the most inclusive summer camps in Charlotte NC because it combines sports activities with art sessions such as group dances and simple theatre performances—giving kids a well-rounded experience. Queen City Sports Camp

Champ’s Camps at NASCAR Hall of Fame

For those seeking something both unique and exhilarating? Look no further than Champ's Camps at the renowned NASCAR Hall of Fame—this could very well be their dream destination. Participants get a fun-filled journey through various aspects of racing coupled with rhythm training exercises inspired by crew pit-stop maneuvers!

Creation Acre

At Creation Acre, children connect nature walks with music creation — tapping into the beautiful harmony between our environment and our emotional expressions of song and dance. It provides an unmistakable way to engender respect for nature while nurturing a creative spirit within your child. Creation Acre

Aerial and Circus Summer Camp

Does soaring through skies interest your little ones? The Aerial and Circus Summer camp offers heart-pounding aerial gymnastics lessons alongside performance tricks that can awe any audience—an entertaining exposure to circus-rich history not found in usual classroom settings. Aerial and Circus Summer Camp

Camp Corvian

Providing nourishing spaces where each camper's talents are celebrated makes Camp Corvian another excellent choice! Here young attendees can try out theater production roles or let loose on dance floors during musical rehearsals—a balance between holistic development & good old-fashioned fun. Camp Corvian

Children’s Theatre of Charlotte

Aspiring Thespians should sign up for Children’s Theatre-of-Charlotte—one beholden to quality storytelling & enchanting productions—a fantastic avenue for experiencing first-hand how magic happens Houdini-like behind curtains! Children’s Theatre of Charlotte

Central Piedmont Community College

Offering focused day-camp formats: Music Technology or Stagecraft Essentials at Central Piedmont Community College bolster technical knowledge needed inside orchestras pits or backstage areas—the kind usually possessed by industry veterans alone!

Investing in your child's creativity pays manifold dividends, especially when nurtured through stimulating environments provided by these top-notch music, theater, and dance-related Charlotte summer camps.

Camps by Subject: Visual Arts, STEM, Nature

As parents, we must nurture the unique interests of our children. Fortunately, summer camps in Charlotte NC offer a rich diversity in courses that cultivate creativity and inspire curiosity about the world around them — especially so for kids inclined towards visual arts, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), or nature.

Whitewater Center

Among standout choices is the Whitewater Center. It merges adventure with an exploration of the outdoors, offering campers opportunities to try out rock climbing or whitewater rafting while enhancing their understanding about the intricacies of Mother Nature. This unforgettable Charlotte Summer camp combines adrenaline and learning into one exhilarating package. Whitewater Center

Providence Equestrian Center

The Providence Equestrian Center is another lush addition to this list. Ideal for horse enthusiast kids who relish being outdoors, it provides hands-on experience in handling horses along with lessons on riding skills. The serenity of soaking up the rural atmosphere makes it a unique choice among other summer camps Charlotte has to offer. Providence Equestrian Center

Rock University

If your child is more into rhythm than rivers or horses though then brace yourself for Rock University's thrilling music themed camp. Here they can dive headfirst into everything from guitar basics to performance tricks offering a perfect way for kids unleash their inner rock star! Rock University

Anne Springs Close Greenway

For fans of outdoor fun coupled with interaction with adorable animals and plants, there's Anne Springs Close Greenway where they get plenty dirty exploring nearly 2x thousand acres of preserved land as part of ecological field studies. It aims not only to entertain but also educate young minds about life sciences outside classroom walls.

Town of Cornelius Parks & Recreation

Town Of Cornelius Parks & Recreation offers diverse activities ranging from canoeing rounds at Lake Norman to scavenger hunts making it another extraordinary option amid all Charlotte summer camps available.

Lotus Arts Summer Intensive

Last but not least on my list today is Lotus Art’s Summer Intensive program. Catered towards young artists looking to improve existing skills mastered during school years; this creative platform throws its doors open every July offering multidisciplinary areas including painting sculpture ceramics photography graphic design printmaking animation videography digital media amongst many others!

As your guide through different types of summer camps in Charlotte NC has shown each endows learners with varied experiences designed specifically keeping individual tastes in mind which emphasize how vital choosing based upon personal preferences becomes – hoping this helps make well-informed decisions order ensure satisfaction along with growth and development children enrolled throughout these enlightening programes!

Camps by Subject: Religious and Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Religious summer camps, often known as Vacation Bible Schools or VBS, are a popular choice among families in Charlotte, NC who seek to combine faith-based teachings with fun and outdoor activities. For many parents and children, these camps provide an opportunity for spiritual growth alongside physical development.

Levine Jewish Community Center

One standout amongst the various religious VBS summer camps in Charlotte is the Levine Jewish Community Center's "Camp Mindy." This camp accepts kids from kindergarten through 9th grade. The program seeks to offer an immersive experience combining athletic programs, creative crafts, swimming lessons, nature exploration - all while teaching about Jewish heritage and traditions. Levine Jewish Community Center

Engaging children spiritually can enhance their emotional development and teach values such as empathy and community care. A religious/VBS summer camp like Levine JCC's

complements these teachings with outdoor recreation adding lasting experiences to your kid's memory bank this summer! Be sure to register early though; spaces fill up rapidly in this highly-rated program. Remember that whatever your child's interests are there will be suitable summer camps in Charlotte attending to them. With research being your first step you're paving way towards unforgettable memories made during school break!

Why Do We Recommend Mission Grit's Summer Camp?

If you are seeking a twist for your kid's typical summer camp experience, look no further than Mission Grit. This unique Charlotte summer camp prides itself on offering children a rich array of outdoor/indoor adventures and skill-building activities that stand out from the norm in Charlotte summer camps.

Mission Grit caters to kids aged seven and above, providing an emphasis upon building resilience, teamwork skills, and personal growth. The dedicated team at this Charlotte summer camp skillfully combines fun with learning to ensure memorable experiences.

Moreover, the distinguishing feature of Mission Grit is its focus on unique challenges designed to stretch the comfort zones of campers. From climbing under professional supervision to courage-testing high ropes courses, each day promises vital life lessons wrapped up in exhilarating adventures.

Secondly, safety always comes first at Mission Girt. With certified instructors who are committed to maintaining meticulous security precautions at all times, parents can rest assured that their kids are in safe hands while taking part in these engaging activities.

Furthermore, what truly sets this camp apart from any other summer camps Charlotte has to offer is its theme-oriented weeks. Here, each week unfolds with a new theme like 'express yourself,' 'nature detectives', or 'survival skills.' Such thematic approach ensures a fresh set of exciting activities every week and also broadens the child's knowledge horizon

To sum it up:

  1. Invaluable life lessons: Each activity aims to teach important qualities like resilience and teamwork.

  2. Themed weeks: Every week brings forth new themes ensuring variety-filled entertainment.

  3. Highly trained team: All activities are led by certified professionals adhering strictly to safety standards.

  4. Summer Camps and Day Camps: camp for all Summer long or just an individual day.

Henceforth if you desire an extraordinary blend of excitement along with growth-oriented experiential learning for your child's next summer break then undoubtedly choose Mission Grit's Summer Camp!

Camps for Kids at Mission Grit


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