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 XPLOR Program™ is an after-school program that focuses on physical, mental, social, and character development program for Kids in Charlotte, NC. We are a revolutionary child development concept that combines military-inspired obstacle courses for kids, fitness, creative adventure-based activities, and strong character development. Our students gain a high level of confidence, develop independent thinking, and are prepared to handle life challenges. Welcome to Mission Grit® Family!


Children are natural explorers who constantly seek adventure. This is why we created the ultimate kids after school program for children K-8th grade. This program helps children to develop and elevate their mindset. To achieve excellence we work on 4 layers of development; physical, mental, social and character. 
The Xplor™ after school program combines military inspired obstacle courses, fitness exercising, adventure scenario based creative team building challenges and sensory development elements. Our classes are very dynamic, high paced and help children develop strong mindset. Each week we present a new sets of challenges, alter the obstacle course movement and fitness tasks. Our students can't wait to come to every class to discover new exciting activities.

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We focus on where it matter the most! Our no nonsense training philosophy was inspired by our experience in the special forces, years of mentoring children and constant R&D in the field of child development. We work on 4 layers of development: Physical - Military inspired obstacle courses, exercising and high speed courses. Mental - Problem solving tasks, creative thinking, performance under stress, and adaptability. Social - Our students learn cooperation and teamwork through embedded teambuilding activities in session, we employ a non competitive environment where everyone are accountable one to another. Character -  We demand from our students to reach excellence, adopt non giving up mindset, develop forward thinking, and endure failure. 


Our classes constructed with our SPIRIT™ method, which stands for: Science, Problem Solving, In-Motion, Respect, Interactive and Teamwork. These elements work collectively to create a positive, developmental, engaging and intense experience for children. The utilization of this method has led our students to gains in physical capabilities, unparalleled confidence, and growth of elevated thinking. 


#Courage #Discipline #Friendship #Teamwork #Mindset #Respect #ICAN #Veteranpowered



  • Develop motor skills, coordination, and mental adaptability 

  • Enhance strength and balance

  • Gain high levels of confidence 

  • Elevate self-esteem

  • Develop strong social skills

  • Non-competitive environment  

  • Discover personal leadership voice

  • Adopt positive disciplines

  • Develop analytical mind 

  • Adopt “I can”  vs. “I can't” mindset

  • Learn to control anger

  • Embrace failure

  • Feel a sense of accomplishment

  • Increase focus 

  • Identification of deficiencies and transforming them into strong qualities

  • Effective work under stress 

  • Develop an active thinking mindset

  • Develop effective reactions in a high-speed environment 

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We are loved & trusted

Lizzette Khodak

Couldn’t sign my kids up fast enough at the end of their trial class! What an incredible concept and execution of a Children’s program. I am excited to see all the things my kids accomplish physically & mentally. Love the mix of discipline, focus, determination, physical exertion and teamwork. The pride and smiles my kids had after class were beaming!

Lindsay Whitley

I have 6yo boy and 9 yo girl and we have done camps, bday parties, and classes. Paul and his team offer so much more than “Indoor obstacle courses” or child watch. The life lessons and real world situations he teaches is unlike anything I have ever experienced for any age, much less children. In my opinion, other than your own home, there is no better place for your child to be than at Mission Grit...

Jamie Tanenbaum

My daughter has been attending classes weekly at Mission Grit for the past two months, and she absolutely loves it. It is the highlight of her week. The activities that Paul guides the children through are both mentally and physically challenging and really help the kids to build their confidence and endurance. The team building challenges are top notch, fun and engaging while really encouraging teamwork. I highly recommend Mission Grit.


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Our youngest group of Xplorers will have super fun! While gaining high level of coordination, confidence, ability to work in social  set up and adopting a respectful behavior.



Our mid age group of Xplorers. Will have more complex physical and mental tasks to accomplish while developing adaptability and understanding on how to apply knowledge effectively.



Our oldest and most mature group of Xplorers will enjoy a more intense physical training, while solving complex mental challenges that will set the course for a discovery of their inner leadership voice.



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We offer a very flexible scheduling and pricing structure. When you join Mission Grit® you are not committed to any day of the week. You may schedule different days on different weeks with your online portal. *Cancel your recurring plan anytime. No annual commitments. 

Recurring plans

X1 classes per week - $110 per month

X2 classes per week - $145 per month

X3 classes per week - $170 per month

Second child

10% off on a going basis

Family plan (3 children)

X1 classes per week - $90 per month per child

X2 classes per week - $110 per month per child

5 classes pass(Prepaid) - $220

*Cancel anytime with a one-month cancelation policy

**All new plans are subject to $80 registration fee

- Trial fees are set to $25 per participating child.

- If signed up for our program within 24 hours of the trial, We will apply the trial fee as a credit towards a plan. 

Pass based plan


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Our activities are influenced by disciplines such as Natural Science and Social Science. Natural Science is reflected through the utilization of various aspects of Physics, such as energy, force and mechanics. Our facility is like one big engineering lab with multi level structures, ropes, bridges, carts, hoists, planks, cubes, plumbing tubes, power tools, electricity related components and other pieces of equipment that allow us to easily “engineer” new course configuration and alter activities. Social Science is reflected through the social interaction between the participants in our teambuilding and scenario based quests. We are constantly learning, observing and experimenting to create the most unique experiences for our students and guests.

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Problem solving is embedded in every task of our curriculum through various scenario based quests, mind games and team challenges. Our students learn to simplify challenges, make data analysis, and provide effective solutions. We take a ‘long term’ developmental approach by providing fun, creative, educational experiences, ‘in the moment’ mentorship and reinforcement.

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Children are high energy and natural explorers. Our concept is specifically designed to move our children's body and mind. Our activities are well balanced between challenging obstacles courses, exercising, educational games, team building challenges and scenario based quests, all powered by high energy, awesome music and a sense of urgency.

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We believe that in order to develop Respect within a child, showing respect is not enough. This calls for an active role of doing, practicing, and taking responsibility for your actions. Our children practice respect through discipline, accountability, kindness, gratitude, patience, empathy and the development of self esteem.

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We believe that children learn best through interactive activities as this develops curiosity, teaches skills and makes it fun. This is why all of our activities are hands-on, where children apply knowledge and create actions. During the activities our instructors monitor the actions and provide corrective or positive feedback.

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We introduce children to the art of teamwork by giving them real hands-on experiences, through clever team building challenges, scenario based quests and the incorporation of a non competitive environment where everyone feels comfortable and connected. During these action based tasks we carefully develop the understanding of the teamwork triangle (T3) that consists of Trust, Communication and Devotion.




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