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About Paul Plotkin, the founder of Mission Grit™:


My self-realization journey began with having the privilege to serve in the military, where I discovered various ways of overcoming physical and mental hardships, and how from complete strangers people become more than one family to another with the power of teamwork and devotion. I am forever grateful for the friendships and the life lessons that have been given to me during my service. 


Fast forward and here I am building businesses and meeting great people. Through my business establishments, I had the opportunity to work with influential individuals...



Mission Grit™ is a powerful concept that helps children to become strong physically, develop inner strength, adopt effective cooperation skills, gain unparalleled confidence and adaptability. Through fun adventure obstacle courses, fitness exercising, exciting scenario based quests and creative team-building challenges. Our concept was inspired by the founder's experience in the Israeli Special Forces, life circumstances and over a decade of creating unique child development concepts. We are proud to be powered by Military Veterans, Educators, and Serious College Students that bring their life wisdom and lead children to their greatness. Our concept utilizes a revolutionary training platform called the SPIRIT™ method, which stands for: Science, Problem Solving, In-Motion, Respect, Interactive and Teamwork. These elements work collectively to create the ultimate developmental and fun experience for children. We deliver a high energy and exciting experience, while incorporating a non competitive environment where everyone feels comfortable and connected.

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We offer ongoing after school classes through our after school Xplor program, No School Day Camps, Leadership kids Summer Camp, Birthday Parties, Team-building Events, Life Skills Workshops, Youth Leadership Program and Adventure Outdoor Retreats. 


Our love, passion, and commitment is like a wind that fills the sails of our communities. We strongly believe in our communities, and this is why we get involved with community projects, bring local businesses together, provide schools with team-building events, offer life changing careers to veterans and provide sponsorships. Feel free to contact us if you have an idea in mind. We would love to help in any way we can!

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Our Mission is to help children explore and develop their full potential while adopting Grit principals, through impactful and fun experiences. 

1. Courage - To do great things while overcoming fear 

2. Conscientiousness: Self motivation and Independent thinking

3. Goal setting and Follow Through

4. Resilience: Through developing a mind that is focused on progress not blaming.

5. Excellence: Achieve excellence not perfection. 

6. Stratigical: Through task simplification and applying timeline objectives 



Life is an amazing adventure. We want to join your child on their epic journey and provide them with an impactful positive mentorship along the way. We are here to have a good time while helping children explore what they are capable of.


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Green: The color green represents our heritage in military service.

Yellow: Yellow represents the sunrise. When you wake up in the morning and set all of your goals for the day. 

Orange: The color orange represents sundown. The end of the day and your conclusions before going to bed. The results that were acquired during the work day. What have you become? Did you help people? Did you become better? Did you succeed on your daily goals, or do you need to make improvements?

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Our logo is more than just a “logo”, it Is a symbol that unfolds our philosophy in a visual representation. You'll find this symbol on our uniforms, wall art and other visual materials. There are 6 hidden elements in the “logo”.

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The footprint represents a path and a way of conducting yourself, with people and in situations. It is your personal responsibility to make a positive change in the world and leave it better than it used to be. 


There are two letters, an M and G. These are the first letters of our name Mission Grit™.

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The arrow represents a sense of direction, a compass that helps us to navigate through the walks of life while staying focused on our goals.

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One of our core values is to teach children the art of teamwork through team building challenges and life lessons. This is represented with five people working together.


The lab tube represents science, expiremnantion, innovation and progression. We believe that children need to be encouraged to learn how to think, not what to think. Dare systems and bring innovation through trial and error. Think creatively, experiment, and learn how to follow through when things don’t go smoothly.

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Leadership is represented by the large-scale individual that is creating relationships with the team, leading team members on their journey, and taking responsibilities upon themself.


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The modern child is smart, fast paced, technologically dependent, critical and hard to impress. This is why we have carefully crafted the S.P.I.R.I.T™method, a revolutionary training philosophy parents have been waiting for.  The S.P.I.R.I.T™ method was created to effectively teach Hard Skills (Physical capabilities, Technical skills) and develop Soft Skills (Grit, Confidence, Problem solving) that balance fun kids activities, life skills, social interaction, and positive values.

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Our activities are influenced by disciplines such as Natural Science and Social Science. Natural Science is reflected through the utilization of various aspects of Physics, such as energy, force and mechanics. Our facility is like one big engineering lab with multi level structures, ropes, bridges, carts, hoists, planks, cubes, plumbing tubes, power tools, electricity related components and other pieces of equipment that allow us to easily “engineer” new course configuration and alter activities. Social Science is reflected through the social interaction between the participants in our teambuilding and scenario based quests. We are constantly learning, observing and experimenting to create the most unique experiences for our students and guests.

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Problem solving is embedded in every task of our curriculum through various scenario based quests, mind games and team challenges. Our students learn to simplify challenges, make data analysis, and provide effective solutions. We take a ‘long term’ developmental approach by providing fun, creative, educational experiences, ‘in the moment’ mentorship and reinforcement.

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Children are high energy and natural explorers. Our concept is specifically designed to move our children's body and mind. Our activities are well balanced between challenging obstacles courses, exercising, educational games, team building challenges and scenario based quests, all powered by high energy, awesome music and a sense of urgency.

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We believe that in order to develop Respect within a child, showing respect is not enough. This calls for an active role of doing, practicing, and taking responsibility for your actions. Our children practice respect through discipline, accountability, kindness, gratitude, patience, empathy and the development of self esteem.

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We believe that children learn best through interactive activities as this develops curiosity, teaches skills and makes it fun. This is why all of our activities are hands-on, where children apply knowledge and create actions. During the activities our instructors monitor the actions and provide corrective or positive feedback.

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We introduce children to the art of teamwork by giving them real hands-on experiences, through clever team building challenges, scenario based quests and the incorporation of a non competitive environment where everyone feels comfortable and connected. During these action based tasks we carefully develop the understanding of the teamwork triangle (T3) that consists of Trust, Communication and Devotion.

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