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Summer Camp for Kids in Charlotte, NC.


Our summer camp is a full day camp and it is comprised from various important elements to make our campers strong mentally, physically and have the best time of their lives. The goal of the camp is to introduce children to variety of fun skills, experiences, scenarios and challenges so that they can find their own leadership voice and develop unparalleled confidence. Our camp is fun, active, creative, supportive and positive. This is the best summer camp around! Our camp is a full of adventures at the convenience of being close to home. Our Summer camp is located in Charlotte, NC


Our leadership summer camp offers a creative fusion of nonstop action, personal development, learning, and adventure at the convenience of being close to home. Every day in the camp is like no other day with daily and weekly themes.  
Leadership Summer Camp is set up as an a
non-competitive environment and our activities nurture teamwork and collaboration, through constantly varied obstacle courses, Scenario Adventure quests, Team-building challenges, Leadership development, Financial Management (MGM Points), Adventure courses, Engineering activities, Fitness, Confidence development, Mind games, construction, spy games, Self-defense concepts, Relay races and so much more. 

Kids Summer Camp by Mission Grit


  • Full scale indoor Obstacle Courses
  • Parkour
  • Financial management
  • Adventure Quests
  • Confidence development
  • Cooperation and communication development
  • Hands on science projects in a field of mechanics, energy and force.
  • Survival skills
  • Strategy based games
  • First Aid
  • Team building challenges
  • Small team leadership
  • Fitness
  • Rappelling
  • Sports
  • Grilling 
  • Water fun activities
  • Archery
  • Self defense
  • Leadership development
  • Problem solving games
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Outdoor & Indoor activities
  • and more so much more…


All our kids camps are very active physically, mentally, socially and the core focus is the development of a strong character. Our activities are unique, adventurous and social centered. Our Leadership summer camp is great for boys and girls ages 7+. All levels of strength are welcomed. To facilitate the ultimate experience we specifically keep our camps to be small in size. This allows us to provide personal attention to every single child in the camp, increase the amount of developmental activities, and keep every single child safe, challenged and motivated.

Camp info:

  • Camp is great for children ages 7+

  • All our camps are coed

  • Activities in the camp are different every day with weekly themes

  • 100% developmental

  • All our camps are active physically and mentally

  • High structure

  • Social centered activities​

  • We are allergy conscious and nut-free facility

  • Pack your lunch camp

  • Grilling and BBQ days

Camp hours:

  • Full-day camp 8:00am-4:00pm 

  • Drop off 8:00am-9:00am

  • Pick up 3:30 pm-4:00pm


  • $420 per week

  • Sibling discount 

Kids Summer Camp Activities in Charlotte NC
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We are l❤️ved & trusted

Hood Family

The world needs more Mission Grits! My kids absolutely loved the summer leadership program. They were challenged physically & mentally and learned that they can adapt & overcome difficult obstacles. They learned the importance of teamwork but also they developed more confidence in their own abilities. Highly recommend!!

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Ashley Lamano

What a gift Paul and his gym are to our community! Our children attended a week of summer camp at Mission Grit and it was hands down the best camp experience we’ve ever had. They were challenged physically and mentally through high energy team building obstacles and activities, and came home each day feeling celebrated and full of pride for...

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Kelly Forb

Mission Grit camps are the best! So many innovative activities that make children feel empowered- obstacle courses, team challenges, learning skills like building and even using tools. You can tell the owner uses his background and creativity to teach the children important life skills. The site is also very clean and secure, so I never had to worry about leaving my kids there

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For No school day campswinter, and spring camps please check our other pages. Sign up for as little as one week. No obligation for multiple weeks.

Week #1 June 10th, Week #2 June 17th, Week #3 June 24th

Week #4 July 8th , Week #5 July 15th, Week #6 July 22nd,    Week #10 August 19th.



We apply a sophisticated layer of financial management development. This is very fun for the kids and develops accountability, goal set up, long term planning, respect and independent thinking. This is a true hands on experience that teaches them applicable life skills. It's like a real life monopoly board game. All our activities are monetized and kids earn Mission Grit™ Money (MGM points). 

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XPLOR Program by Mission Grit



No School Day Camps in Charlotte



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